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Virginia Coalition for Students with Disabilities


For Attorneys:

For Parents:

  • Attorney & Advocate Resource List - The Legal Advocacy Center (LAC) maintains a listing of special education attorneys and advocates. Also, please see our helpful article, Selecting a Special Education Attorney/Advocate.

  • Advocacy Training - The Legal Advocacy Center (LAC) develops and sponsors low cost advocacy trainings for parents of children with disabilities and advocates for children with disabilities in Virginia. Additionally, the LAC encourages parents and advocates to attend its attorney Continuing Legal Education programs. View our upcoming programs.

  • Topical Resource Booklets - The Legal Advocacy Center (LAC) develops, publishes, and distributes a series of comprehensive, parent-friendly booklets that discuss the technical information provided in Virginias special education procedural safeguard document. Each publication addresses one specific topic and contains valuable information that will help parents become better informed about specific special education issues such as extended school year, prior written notice, related services, and assistive technology.


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